Bringing Your Backpage Mate Home for the Holidays

von Adam Smith
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Bringing home your new love interest can be a little nerve racking. The only thing that’s on your mind is “Will my family like him?” and “Will he fit in with the family?” Family can be very judgmental sometimes, especially Dad, uncles and brothers…some might even say over protective.

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I’m 23 and I’ve only brought home one guy I met at Backpage site. I was definitely nervous, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I performed some of the suggested steps that were mentioned in the article, “Bringing Him Home for the Holidays“.

I gave my boyfriend, at the time, a run down of do’s and don’ts. He was a pretty goofy guy. He liked to joke around so I asked if he could hold off on the jokes because my family might take him serious. I never left him alone. I was even scared to get up and go to the bathroom, god knows what would have been said. Overall it wasn’t bad, I was more nervous then my backpage boyfriend.

As stated by the author, Shaharoh Bolling, in the article, “Keep the Lines of Communication Open” it’s the most important thing to do. No one wants any surprises, or embarrassing moments.

Sometimes I think that we ourselves can be too critical of our families and put too much pressure on our significant others. Shaharoh also mentions, “If there are certain subjects that you know are sensitive to discuss, letting them know ahead a time might save some uncomfortable situations.”

Which is so true. It wouldn’t hurt to give your family a heads up about him. You may have to give dad a one-on-one sit down. Let’s face it ladies, NO guy is perfect for Daddy’s little angel. That way everyone is a little familiar with each other. Your family just wants to see you happy and with a good guy. A basic run down to him of what is not allowed in the household will suffice. Just relax, enjoy and eat plenty!!!

Happy Valetine Day!!