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Bringing Your Backpage Mate Home for the Holidays

Bringing Your Backpage Mate Home for the Holidays

Bringing home your new love interest can be a little nerve racking. The only thing that’s on ...

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Sheesh…you could just keep things on an unattached FWB level if you’re that terrified of being cheated on. Been there, done that, and I made it work for a while, but I want more and now I actually have a decent shot at it. Don’t create drama and punish a great guy because you’re insecure and full of baggage.

Yikes. Then again, these are the wages of cheating – a poisoned dating pool.

lirting Makes a Woman Feel Safe. Women are afraid of being hurt physically by men.

 It doesn’t matter if she is looking at you or not, if you’re attracted to her or not, if she is on her cell phone or listening to an ipod. Make certain you meet the daily minimum standard of 5 by recording your results.

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