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As a result I sat there remembering not just the sights and sounds of whips, leather ensembles, chains and paddles (which looked suspiciously like cricket bats) but also the memory of pre-pubescent and pubescent erections harder than algebra.

My current dentist is decidedly male, in other words decidedly not my type, but the previous evening’s shenanigans were still fresh in my mind.

Portuguese men

Norwegian men

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It took really getting away from the people who had already put into their minds and mine that I could never this, or I would never that, or I would always be the girl who couldn’t whatever.

Swedish men

Spanish men

Australian men

Greek men

 It took finding in him and my in-laws exactly what I’d be wanting for my whole life to really grasp that I am whoever I decide to be, and I’m not forced to be what the negatives in my life have long decided I will amount to… if that makes sense?



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